LONDON, 1864


SAMUEL CROWTHER (c.1807–91) was born to Yoruba parents in Nigeria, Crowther was rescued from slavery by the Royal Navy in 1822 and cared for by missionaries. In London he attended Islington Parish School and later the Church Missionary Society College. He was ordained in 1843 and returned to Africa to preach and teach in Yoruba. A natural linguist, he published a Yoruba dictionary and pioneered studies of other Nigerian languages. In 1851 he visited London for meetings with Queen Victoria, Prince Albert and Lord Palmerston about the anti-missionary ruler of Lagos. In 1864 he was consecrated bishop and presided over an all-African clergy in the Niger mission.


By Ernest Edwards
Albumen Carte-de-Visite, approx 2 ½” x 4″
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